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Children's Services & Education Team

The Children's Services & Education Team is actively involved in visiting the Primary, Secondary & Special Educational Needs schools in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove with the aim to educate children and enable them to lead safer lives.  

Schools fire education
Follow the year group links below for lesson plans and more information about the programme of interactive school visits with targeted delivery.

Visits are also made to Special Educational Needs (SEN) classes.

Lessons are designed and styled for maximum child participation and in line with:

  • National strategies
  • Curriculum standards
  • PSHE (Personal Social Health Education)
  • SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning)
  • The Healthy Schools Programme.

When planning and presenting, ESFRS aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn, including;

  • boys and girls
  • pupils with special educational needs
  • pupils with disabilities
  • pupils from all social and cultural backgrounds
  • pupils of different ethnic groups including travellers
  • refugees and asylum seekers
  • those from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

ESFRS will be aware that pupils bring to school different experiences, interests and strengths which will influence the way in which they learn.

ESFRS will plan their approaches to teaching and learning so that all pupils can take part in lessons fully and effectively.

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Call any team member below or email :

The Children's Services & Education Team members are:

  • Elaine Wink (Education Officer) - Eastbourne and Bexhill
    Tel: 01323 462446
    Mobile: 07949 285449
  • Michael Warner (Education Officer) - Wealden, Rother and Hastings
    Tel: 01323 462441
    Mobile: 07950 876775
  • Darren Grover (Education Officer) - Lewes and The City of Brighton & Hove
    Tel: 01323 462812
    Mobile: 07810 636349

Firesetter young person


Children who play with fire are an increasing problem. Very often, the child's fire play begins from curiosity.

However, in some cases, the problem may be more deep-rooted.

The child may turn to fire to vent their feelings of frustration, anger or jealousy.

It may also be a very graphic cry for help with a specific but unspoken problem.

Unfortunately, many parents do not recognise the symptoms, even fewer the cause. 

The telltale signs of firesetting 

  • Small burn holes in carpets
  • Charred paper in sinks or wastebaskets
  • Matches or lighters hidden in bedrooms
  • An unusual fascination with fires
  • Unexplainable fires in your home 

Why do children set fires?

Children who play with fire do so for various reasons, ranging from natural curiosity to attention seeking. Without help and guidance, firesetting behaviour can develop - leading to more serious consequences such as major injuries, damage to home, schools, property and even death.

What is the programme?

Firewise is predominantly delivered by the Education Team. The first visit by the advisors will attempt to discover more about the young person involved and establish a trusting relationship. 

Advisors can, by agreement, visit the home, or school or similar location where young people feel comfortable.

If there is an agency referral parent or carer consent will be needed.

The duration of advisor involvement may vary depending upon the specific circumstances and problems. Advisors will be available to answer questions from parents or carers. 

It’s important that firesetting behaviour should be recognised and dealt with to ensure that it does not continue into adulthood. Parents and carers are urged to consider their own actions and how they may influence the behaviour of children for whom they are responsible. 


Safety in Action

‘Safety in Action’ events encourage children to recognise hazards and take action to keep themselves and others safe. 

The emergency services and other agencies create simulated scenarios to allow children to think about safe responses to a variety of different situations.

The project is aimed at year 6 children (age 10 and 11 years) – before they make the step to secondary school and greater independence. 

We invite all primary, independent and special need, and home educated children to attend these events in Hastings, Rother, Lewes, Wealden, Eastbourne, Brighton and Hove.

Nearly 6000 children attend each year. Scenarios included fire safety, road safety, water safety, first aid, railway, internet safety and electrical safety.

Forthcoming Safety in Action events

We apologise that due to the Covid19 pandemic we have had to postpone the Safety in Action events.

These events will resume as soon as possible. In the meantime please do access our Virtual Safety in Action materials

Picture - Safety in action
Picture - Safety in action children doing CPR

For more information contact

Sophie Hepworth, Safety in Action Coordinator


Tel: 01323 462075

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