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Year 2 Key Stage 1

Ages 6 -7

Lesson Duration. 1 hour

The design and style of the lesson is based upon progressive learning and takes into account the children's different learning abilities. ESFRS is committed to inclusive learning.

We aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn regardless of their age, disability, gender, race, religion / belief, language skills or other differences.

Key Stage 2 resources
  • Key Stage 1. Year 2. Lesson Plan

  • The lesson lasts one hour and introduces the children to our R.U.S.A.F.E. lesson package. This covers a young persons safety in the home including smoke alarms and exit plans.

  • The lesson is designed to involve every child and their teachers through interactive activities.

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of the lesson pupils will;

  • Understand about dangers in the home including matches and lighters
  • Understand different aspects of safe and unsafe situations
  • Know how to safely cross the road. (Stop, Look, Listen & Think)
  • Recognise a smoke alarm or fire alarm and understand what to do if they hear one. (Get out, Stay out, Call 999) to have an exit plan 
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