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Year 8 Key Stage 3

 Ages 12-13

The target for secondary schools is to visit all schools in East Sussex and the City of Brighton & Hove once a year with particular attention being paid to those schools in areas where there is a higher than average incidence of hoax calls and arson attacks by young people.


We also target vulnerable students in special schools such as those with specific learning difficulties and emotional / behavioural issues (EBD).


Key Stage 3 resources

Session 1

Lesson Duration. Approximately 1 hour

  • The standard session lasts 1 hour and re-enforces the previous learning at earlier key stages and concentrates on issues affecting older children such as safety when sleeping over and babysitting.
  • Continuing the theme set in earlier key stages the sessions are child centred and encourage the children to identify their own safety strategies and consider their role when caring for other people.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson pupils will;

  • To be aware of consequences and challenge attitudes
  • Causes of fire in the home that are relevant to young people
  • Understand the importance of an escape plan.
  • Bedroom/school/ babysitting/sleepovers, taking responsibility for your own safety and others
  • Be able to maintain and test smoke alarms and understand their important role in fire safety.

Session 2

Lesson Duration. Approximately 1 hour

There is an additional, interactive (session 2) that can be facilitated when requested.

This session explores the impact on a community when young people engage in anti-social behaviour such as Arson or Hoax calling.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson pupils will;

  • Understand the definition of arson.
  • Be aware of the consequences of arson for individuals and society.
  • Understand how the criminal justice system deals with arson.
  • Understand the reasons why people commit arson.
  • Understand the impact of hoax calls on the community.

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