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Business Continuity

80% of businesses that suffer a serious fire close within 18 months.

Despite being able to re build their physical assets, their customers are often long gone!

Each year people die or are seriously injured as a result of fires at work. Besides loss of life, fire costs UK businesses millions of pounds, from damage to property, loss of business, fines, compensation claims and insurance premiums.

Business Continuity Management is about identifying those parts of your organisation that you can't afford to lose - such as information, stock, premises and staff - andplanning how to maintain these if an incident occurs.

If you plan now, rather than waiting for it to happen, you will be able to get back to business in the quickest time possible.

This toolkit from the Government can help you prepare for the worst.

HM Government Business Continuity Management Toolkit 

Find out more about how to protect your business:

Tell us your views

We are looking for the views of local businesses, organisations and service providers on how we might use our expertise and resources to better support them in respect to Property Protection and Business continuity planning.

Any business, no matter how small, can take simple and straightforward measures now to make their business more resilient from fire and a wide range of other risks.


In completing a simple questionnaire you will be helping us understand current awareness, knowledge and adoption of measures that can be taken to ensure property protection and business continuity.

We also ask if you would like us to provide additional advice and support in these areas.

The questionnaire should take no longer than a few minutes to complete and your personal details (should you choose to give them) will be treated in strictest confidence.

We will use responses to consider whether we should provide additional advice and services regarding Property Protection and Business Continuity Planning, as part of a future review of our Community Risk Management Plans.

Fire Protection Association

"The Fire Protection Association is the UK's national fire safety organisation.

Established in 1946 we have become recognized as an independent and authoritative source of information and advice relating to all aspects of fire safety, risk management and loss prevention.

We offer the highest quality research, consultancy, training, publications, risk surveying and auditing services."