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Follow these five key steps to create your Fire Risk Assessment and you will be well on the way to reducing the risk of fire, and if the worst happens, reducing the impact of a fire.

1 - BS Hazard

Identify the hazards

For a fire to start, three things are needed, A source of ignition, Fuel and Oxygen.

2 - BS People at risk

Identify People at Risk

As part of your fire risk assessment, you need to identify those at risk if there is a fire.

3 - BS Fire door

Evaluate, Remove, Reduce and Protect From Risk

The chances of a fire starting will be low if you reduce the amount of material that can burn and keep it away from heat sources

4 - BS Plan

Record, Plan, Inform, Instruct and Train

In some very small premises, record keeping could be no more than a few sheets of paper, with details of significant findings, any action taken and a copy of your emergency plan.

5 - BS Review


You should constantly monitor what you are doing to implement the fire risk assessment to assess how effectively the risk is being controlled.

Sector Specific Information

BS - Fireworks
Waste Disposal Sites
BS - Farms
Care Homes
Restaurants & Takeaways
Holiday Lets
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