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Short term holiday lets

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is calling for landlords, property owners and letting agents to prioritise fire safety in short-term holiday lets and party accommodation as part of its Safer Summer campaign.

East Sussex and Brighton and Hove has a thriving tourist industry and large-group holiday / party lets are a popular choice for people visiting the area.

However, that relaxing getaway can rapidly turn into a disaster, if correct fire and other safety standards have not been implemented by those legally responsible for the property.

Key safety points which the owner/managing agent should follow:

  • Premises that are let as short-term self-catering holiday accommodation must be provided with appropriate fire safety measures. 
  • It is the duty of the responsible person (normally the owner or managing agent) to carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment.
  • A fire risk assessment must identify all risks and hazards from fire and provide a plan to ensure any required improvements are carried out within a suitable period of time. 
  • All guests should be fully aware of the fire safety measures and advice – for example not wedging fire doors open.
  • There should be clear instructions for guests on what to do if a fire alarm goes off including details of escape routes. 

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Services Business Safety teams can be contacted for further advice.

Latest Update :
21 December 2022
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