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Virtual Safety In Action

Welcome to our collection of  ‘Safety in Action’ educational resources. 

These materials are aimed at the year 6 children that should have been attending our hands-on ‘Safety in Action’ partnership events. 

We want to share important messages, to keep children safe as they move onto secondary school and greater independence.

Some of the ideas and materials can be adapted for children of other ages.

So have a look at the different topic areas, and encourage children to join in our virtual ‘Safety in Action’.

Forthcoming Safety in Action events

We apologise that due to the Covid19 pandemic we have had to postpone the Safety in Action events.

These events will resume as soon as possible.

The Heros
SiA Gallery
Fire Safety Banner
Cycle Safety
Water Safety
Railway Safety
Road Safety
Personal Safety
Internet Safety
First aid
Alcohol Safety

Latest Update :
08 March 2021
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