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Child Home Safety Advice and Equipment Service


East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service has been delivering the Child Home Safety Advice and Equipment Service since June 2016.  We’re commissioned by East Sussex Public Health to offer the service to eligible families each year.

If you, your friends or family are interested in this service please contact your Health Visitor, Children Centre Worker, Community Nursery Nurse or Social Worker and ask if you are eligible to be referred for FREE advice and equipment.

Sadly, East Sussex has significantly higher hospital admission rates for accidental injuries for under 5s compared to other areas in England.  Hastings and Rother are in the top 2% of districts. In 2017/18 there were nearly 2,000 hospital admissions for children and young people due to accidental and deliberate injuries.

Common causes of accidents for the under 5s are falls and poisonings.  In 2018/19 there were 163 attendances at East Sussex A&E for under 5s as a result of burns and scalds.

For more information on accident prevention, please go to; 


We promote the ICON programme, supporting people who care for babies.

We know that it can be really challenging to care for babies, and this can be even more difficult during times of financial hardship, stress and isolation. COVID has brought all of those things to many families’ front doors. 

‘ICON: Babies cry, you can cope’ is a programme designed to help parents cope with a crying baby, which we know can be a trigger for a parent/carer to lose control and shake their baby potentially causing brain injury, blindness, bony injuries and sometimes even fatal injuries. 

ICON is all about helping people who care for babies to cope with crying. 

ICON stands for:

I – Infant crying is normal

C –Comforting methods can help

O – It’s OK to walk away

N – Never, ever shake a baby 

Remind parents to speak to someone if they need support, such as their family, friends, Midwife, GP or Health Visitor. 

Suggestions for comfort methods include: 

  • Stroke your baby gently. Try placing your baby against you and try stroking their back rhythmically 

  • If you can, go outside with your baby, and walk them in a pram or in a baby sling. The rocking motion can be very soothing for a baby. If you can’t go outside try a gentle rocking motion while walking inside. 

  • Hum or sing to your baby. Let them hear a repeating, constant and soothing sound. Music can sometimes soothe some babies.
  • Sucking can help relieve a baby’s distress. If offering the breast is not possible, a dummy can soothe a baby and can be given from 4 weeks onward for babies where breastfeeding is established, or at any time if the baby is formula fed 

  • Try giving them a warm bath. 


Not all of these will work all of the time but remember, that’s OK. Stay calm, this phase will pass

For more information go to : https://iconcope.org/about-icon/

All babies are different, but many start to cry less after around 8 weeks. 

Curve of early infant crying

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05 February 2021
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