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Stay Safe – Stay off the Mud!

Picture - Stay out of the mud

Recently there have been several incidents East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service have been involved in regarding people getting stuck in mud flats. 

Deep mud can be a serious hazard, especially in wide, flat estuaries and bays and as water levels are very low at the moment due to the lack of rain, people have been getting into difficulties by treading on the mud and becoming stuck. Avoid putting yourself in danger and never try to cross a bay – the ground may look safe but it’s incredibly dangerous. It also puts others at risk who may enter the mud to try and help you and then become stuck. 

  • The advice is to stay on the track near waterways and keep dogs away from the mud at all times. 
  • In the event of an emergency try not to panic
  • Spread your weight as much as possible so you are standing evenly
  • Always carry a mobile phone - in case of emergency call 999
  • Be aware of tide times

  • Coastguard Safety Campaign

Latest Update :
11 March 2020
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