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Service transformation

We are proud of the service we give to the public and work hard to best use our resources to meet the needs of the communities we serve. This is challenging given the significant reductions in funding.

We regularly review and update our savings plans as the financial situation around us changes.

In 2014, we committed ourselves to delivering  the Changing the Service programme. 

While there remains some uncertainty over future funding, this has put us on a stable financial footing.

Our transformation

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is undergoing a transformation

By 2020, we aim to be able to show that:

  • we have a transformed service providing effective and efficient prevention, protection and response services which are sustainable

  • our fire stations are equipped and staffed in the most appropriate ways to tackle risks in their local areas

  • our Service is taking advantage of the significant advances in safety and firefighting technology

  • our work with other fire and rescue services, other emergency services, local organisations and local communities is giving us more capacity to deliver our services

  • there is stronger community engagement and local involvement, with elected members of the FRA leading and setting priorities and decision making, ensuring that there is more public scrutiny of our services and how we deliver them

  • greater use is being made of the rapid changes in communications technology, particularly the rise in the use of social media websites, which can provide important safety information quickly and effectively

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