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Phase 3 Proposals

Review 1: We are undertaking a full review of Retained Establishment and Duty System and payments. Retained firefighters are on call and have to live near the fire station. This system is in place at Forest Row, Wadhurst, Mayfield, Burwash, Heathfield, Herstmonceux, Barcombe, Hailsham, Seaford, Pevensey, Broad Oak and Rye. 

Update: The work was concluded and the information used as part of our planning process.

Review 2:  The review looked at how the Service wishes to provide working at height vehicles based on the risk in both the City of Brighton & Hove, and Hastings; how the aerial rescue pump has been used since its introduction in Eastbourne; and whether this type of appliance is appropriate in other parts of the Service's area.

Update: Proposals were drawn up however this was dependent on the Day Crewed Plus duty system, which is not being implemented, therefore there are no plans to change current provision.

Review 3: Revisit the results of the Rural Review in the light of the Sussex Control Centre and dynamic mobilising to consider the future of the retained fire stations at Herstmonceux, Mayfield and Forest Row.

Read the background to the Rural Review

Update: This will be considered as part of the next Integrated Risk Management Plan.

Review 4: Investigate the introduction of smaller appliances, where appropriate, with the correct personnel and equipment to manage certain incidents across the Service.

Update: The Corporate Management Team agreed that two smaller appliances should be trialled, built on a 10/12 tonne chassis.

Review 5: Review the Technical Rescue Unit capability and usage with a view to reducing to one unit at an optimum location with consequential savings on the capital programme and some revenue savings from reduced running costs.

We have two Technical Rescue Units - one based in Lewes and one in Battle. These are vehicles designed and equipped to provide specialist assistance at road traffic collisions, incidents involving commercial vehicles, aircraft or trains, building collapse, trench collapse etc. also incidents requiring specialist Environmental Protection equipment. They are crewed by a specialist team.

Update: Work on this review was concluded with a set of recommendations. No changes are being made to current arrangements.

Review 6: Review the number of Flexible Duty System Management Posts through the introduction of Retained Support Managers at Watch Manager Level.

Update: The review is complete and is being considered by the Principal Officers in light of new national guidance.

Review 7: Demand-led rostering - consider optimum resource levels which provide adequate response capability for the highest average daily demand, whilst considering where and when we are potentially over-resourced, thereby presenting an opportunity for improvement and potential savings.

Update: This will be considered as part of the next Integrated Risk Management Plan.

Review 8: Carry out a full review of our Schools Education programme. The Children's Services & Education Team is actively involved in visiting the Primary, Secondary & Special Educational Needs schools in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. The aim is to educate children and enable them to lead safer lives.

Update: This review will carried out by Community Safety during 2016/17.

Review 9: Review current call challenge policy and attendance to automatic fire detection systems to reduce the number of unwanted calls and mobilisations and, at the same time, consider recovering costs from owners/operators of the premises where the number of false alarm calls is high.

Update: Read more about how we work to reduce false alarms. Further work will be carried out as part of the Integrated Risk Management Plan.

Review 10: Investigate the impact of providing a new Day Crewed Plus Fire Station in the Uckfield area and making Crowborough Fire Station a Retained Station, reducing the establishment by 14 posts.

Update: Following negotiations with representative bodies, a series of alternative savings were identified.These "Bridging the Savings" proposals include reducing the number of firefighters on fire engines, reviewing overtime and restructuring the senior management team.

In February 2016, the restructure was formally approved by the Fire Authority, contributing approximately £270,000 of savings per year.

Review 11: Investigate the impact of providing a new one pump Day Crewed Fire Station in Lewes.

Update: This will be considered as part of our ongoing planning process for the Integrated Risk Management Plan.

Review 12: Review the provision of offshore Maritime Response.

Update: The Corporate Management Team agreed to progress with an option to reduce the size of the Maritime Response Team and introduce a range of efficiency measures.

Review 13: Review the provision or Large Animal Rescue Capability to Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

Update: As of December 2015, a revised memorandum of understanding and a handling and charging protocol for large animal rescue incidents within East Sussex on the behalf of Kent FRS was being developed.

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19 June 2018
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